Wondering what eggs to buy? Here are a few points for you to consider.

Just like in the previous 'Deciphering Food Labels Step 3 - How were the animals raised?' article that I wrote about recently, we should consider how the chickens were raised. So, likewise, the eggs from chickens that are given the best environment will produce healthier eggs.

Here are KEYWORDS which you might already be familiar with or are wondering about.

Cage-Free and Free-Roaming. These labels can be applied to chickens which are not confined by the use of cages. Unfortunately, they can be tightly crammed into their space. These chickens may or may not get any access to the outdoors. 

Pasture-Raised. When you see these words, the chickens had access to green grass and ideally grassy pasture.

Organic Chickens/Eggs.  The USDA National Organic Program regulations require that organic poultry have year-round access to the outdoors. Birds must have access to the outdoors, shade, shelter, exercise areas, fresh air, clean water for drinking, and direct sunlight (7 CFR 205.239(a)(1)). Poultry are allowed to be temporarily confined in some circumstances, such as inclement weather or conditions under which the birds’ health, safety, or well-being could be jeopardized (7 CFR 205.239(b)). However, continuous total confinement indoors is prohibited by USDA’s regulations (7 CFR 205.239(a)(1)).