Being Real - Dealing with My Food Reality

I'm not sure why this post never made it to be published. But I decided to post it today because I meant to a long time ago. I believe it's been almost two years!

It's first thing in the morning (kind of). I often feel inspired at this time of the day with new thoughts about why it's so important to eat "real" food and take a "real" natural approach to just living life. So I will be blogging about this and see how it goes.

We live just on the outskirts of Houston, TX and life feels so rushed most times. I think it's mostly due to the fact that all of our family and friends live 30 minutes to an hour it takes planning to meet up together and planning means "work" especially for someone like me with digestive and health issues...someone like me who needs to eat the way I do.

So I often wonder that if my need wasn't so urgent, would I stray from my diet? and by how much? and how often? For instance, occasionally I try to eat a potato/tortilla chip and I pay for it almost immediately. Usually with a stomach pain, neck stiffness, joint pain, mucous overload in my throat, wheezing, just depends on the food item. (My discovery is that I can eat grains dry without added oils. It's the oils that the chips are fried in and the oils I would add to my potato that was causing the problems. I can eat a dry baked potato without any worries...although, I no longer add oils...I do pair with fresh vegetable juice or freshly steamed vegetables or a light salad - with an oil-free dressing.)

These immediate effects are what keep me in line and these immediate effects are a constant reminder to me about the importance of what we choose to put into our bodies. Many times I find myself thinking about how I wish I could be "normal". I want to go out to a restaurant and be able to order anything from the menu. Sometimes I feel so frustrated and angry that there aren't many restaurants where I can simply be a "normal" customer. But the fact is that even when I order a salad, I have to ask them to leave something off...not because I'm "picky", but because I just cannot eat the salad as it would normally be served.

So, why is this my reality? What am I supposed to do with this? I could wallow in self-pity everyday (because eating is a necessity that cannot be avoided, I face this daily and at least three times per day) but I have to choose not to do so. I have to make the choice as much as I possibly can, to turn my reality into something good. Something good not just for myself, but for those who are willing, ready and needing to look at the foods they are putting on their plates.

I know of so many who are experiencing health issues. Some can directly relate to me because they are having noticeable digestive issues. Yet, some are just not feeling "right" or have other health problems. Well, I don't just wanna say "I know your problems are related to what you are eating because if given the right foods, vitamins, supplements and removing the harmful things - your body can begin to heal itself!" Even though that's what I feel in my heart and deep down within my soul, I know it's more complicated than that. Good food does and can do a lot of good for your physical body. But, there is more that has to be dealt with for the most of us (I'm definitely including myself here).

Well, even though I'm continuing to write, I will share more with you next time. I don't want to lose your interests by overwhelming you with too much information. Next time, I will be sharing my insight on how I'm dealing with my reality. I sort of take a scientific approach, because this is what makes the most sense for my type of "mathematical" mind. But I think you too will find it interesting. My simple equation is

Next time, I will begin to identify more specific details for each of the 'good' and 'bad' categories.