Being Real - A Real Equation for Life

We are physical, emotional and spiritual beings (body, mind/soul and spirit). So when we eat the right foods and exercise (as simply as walking or any outdoor activity) we are doing things to take care of our physical bodies. You see, good food/things in and bad foods/things out results in something positive for the body. Yet, we can define more variables for this equation and this is where it can, and usually does, begin to get complicated.

Let's consider our emotions. What are we thinking on? Like I mentioned before (previous post), for example, I could choose to wallow in self-pity and feel as if I'm a victim...or I can choose to make something good out of it. While wallowing in self-pity I lose all enthusiasm for eating properly. If I take a step and eat something that I will label as "bad" for my body...I can either choose to say "oh, well. I might as well eat whatever I want and just suffer...this is never going to get better...I'm going to be in this state forever..." So I can choose to make that my reality.  Eerrkkk! But I have to learn to put the brakes on "my mind" and do it quickly. Those thoughts can be labeled as "bad stuff" and cause me to feel beat up and defeated.  But, instead, I can turn the situation into something positive and say, "Wow! This is true evidence that there is a direct link between how we feel and what we eat. I'm going to share this with someone...I'm going to eat better in order to prove that I can feel better."

When I'm eating properly for my body...I simply feel better. Both  emotionally and physically I feel better. They are very closely intertwined. Doing something good for my body can help boost my emotions in a positive way and likewise doing something positive for my emotions (such as choosing to think good thoughts) can help my body in a positive way also. So the equation gets more variables.

And please take note of the fact that because we and our bodies differ in many ways, the same food or exercise that are good/bad for me will likely be different for you. Of course, in many instances, there are more variables to consider in addition to food, exercise and thoughts. But a discussion of these things would lead us into a discussion for days (well, many more article posts anyway.)

So, the following are just a few additional "bad" vs. "good" items that I could come up with for you to consider:

Putting in something “good” and taking away something “bad” will always produce positive results! It might only be that you are making tiny steps in the beginning, but eventually the good will overtake the "bad" and you will feel better overall.

The main idea is that good food, the right exercise and positive thinking can help you cope with the additional stresses of life and give you the encouragement and energy boost you need to make further changes.

Get started. Let's experience better health together!