Journey with me and discover the real story behind real foods

Since 2004 I have been seeking and learning about how to better my health. But most importantly,  I have fervently applied much of what I have learned and have seen major (and minor) health improvements.  Here is a list of some health improvements I have experienced:
  • My eyesight has improved a great deal and my ophthalmologist (of 8+ years) recognizes the improvements…it’s documented in her files.
  • My brain fog that was so overwhelming that caused me to limit my children’s activities has been resolved
  • Fatigue and body aches (such as knee joint pain and neck pain) have been replaced with energy
  • I was a true hay fever sufferer and then I noticed I was experiencing Spring time allergies too. Seasonal allergies are NO MORE (gone since 2012).  In fact, I haven’t even experienced any type of cold or flu symptoms and I used to run low grade fevers consistently!
  • Consistent stomach bloating which was very painful and uncomfortable has been greatly diminished. In October 2015 a gastroenterologist diagnosed me with gastritis. 
I have come to know, through experience and without doubt, that all of these symptoms I was experiencing were a result of the condition of my digestive system. The food I choose to eat has a direct effect on my digestive system – therefore NUTRITION plays a huge role in our health. Graciously, along this journey, God has taught me other things too. Other things such as the importance of my relationship with Him and how I can put faith into practice by making changes in my lifestyle that honor Him and the body which He has given me.

I feel that it is crucial that I share with others about how to incorporate real, healthy foods into their diets and this is why I began this website in 2010.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you and I pray you will gain knowledge that will help you make a step towards improving your diet and improving your health.

Since writing this article, I have become a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Please visit my services page if you would like one-on-one or group coaching to improve your diet and subsequently your health.