The Fully Raw Diet

It was during my 60 day FULLY RAW Diet, that I discovered my breakthrough concerning Real Water! Kristina says that "incorporating one fully raw meal" can make a huge difference. I can testify to this. The more raw foods I eat (or drink)...the better I feel.

I just received my copy of " The Fully Raw Diet" book today. I have been following Kristina for about 5 years now...or so it seems that I found her when I really had to get serious about my health. 

I have seen most of the information in the book via social media, but there is nothing like having a nicely compiled book in my hand. The book is beautiful and most of the recipes have photos to accompany them. There is so much information packed inside. My favorite is the rainbow salad page. Ooh..flipping through more I see there is a smoothie recipe page...NICE! I cannot wait to read every page. (I just received it today.) The price is superb for such a nicely published book. I will be skipping ahead to 'Part Three' in the book. Now that I am doing well and I have my diet running's time to get moving (exercising that is). 

Usually for those with digestive issues eating raw foods can contribute to digestive complaints. So, this is why I recommend juicing to get the raw food enzymes and other nutrients in huge quantities - by removing the extra fiber than can be difficult to digest. I drink juice along with my cooked foods daily!