Various dietary changes - just a part of my journey

I find myself frustrated lately, so keep me in your prayers. I have made amazing progress, so I have to document some things for myself and perhaps for others to understand. Most importantly I have to remind myself that I have come a long way; even though all doesn't seem to progress as quickly as I would like it to.

I began on this journey many years ago starting in 2004. I believe that it has been a journey planned by God and specifically for me. If I would have figured out my solutions any sooner, I would not have gained the knowledge and experience I have to truly make the change that I required or the willpower to continue with my dietary changes. Yet, I have to admit, that there are days that I want to give up and days that I wonder why this journey has been so difficult and LONG.  And, there are still health struggles and conditions that I think might not ever go away, but at least I have to remind myself that, at least for now, I feel better while dealing with these struggles.

Yes I still have a desire to eat pizza, chips, chocolate and fill up on grains. To be able to have a normal social "food" life. But the thing that keeps me going is knowing how long it took me to get to this point. Feeling better is so much more valuable than satisfying the desire to eat certain foods.

So here it is in a nutshell, as best as I can document each step:

Step 1. I gave up sugar, cereal, lunch meat, hydrogenated oils, fast-foods [started making dietary change efforts in 2002]

Step 2. Chelation Therapy (doctor diagnosed that I had really high levels of lead) [Summer 2004]
Benefit: Brain fog diminished

Then I got "really" serious....chelation gave me a break from brain fog, but it didn't last

Step 3. I gave up MOST other gluten-free grains and even potatoes too. [January 2011] Also changed to a REAL FOOD Diet. I am the oddball that loses weight when I eat grains. (I still haven't figured this one out or confirmed a reason.)

Benefit: Brain fog diminished and more energy overall

Step 4. I gave up dairy.  (I was a cheese-aholic.) [March 2012]
Benefit: Seasonal allergies that disrupted my life disappeared.

Step 5. Mercury amalgams/silver fillings removed from my teeth (they had been there for 32 years) [January 2013 - March 2015]
Benefit: White blood cells and many vitamin deficiencies back to normal. Anemia solved. No more mouth tingling. No more brain fog episodes.

Step 6Sub-mandibular gland surgery [June 2015]
Benefit: No more swelling in neck when I eat carbohydrates or sour foods (this prevented me from eating fruits and just about anything that would make my mouth water for various periods during a two-year span!). Increased energy!

Step 7. Drink REAL WATER! Naturally alkaline of 8.8 from the source. [October 2015]
Benefit: Calms my "silent" acid reflux, stomach gastritis (confirmed during endoscopy in October 2015), and relieved constipation.

So, I cannot say how long I have had "silent" acid reflux, but it has been the main cause of the symptom that was troubling me a great deal. I don't know when I first noticed it, but I had the sensation of something crawling up my throat when I would eat certain foods that began prior to 2010.

I had no idea that it was acid reflux because I didn't have the burning sensation. Yet, I had so much mucus in my throat that I could feel it (the mucus) instead. This is (I guess) a good thing, because it's my body's way of trying to protect itself from the damaging effects of acid reflux. Acid reflux can actually begin to eat away at the esophageal lining (and at some point cause esophageal cancer). So I am thankful that I have discovered it.

You see, this "silent" reflux symptom and brain fog were the most troublesome ailments for me. Yet, as I began to eliminate the foods, these symptoms would lessen with each elimination. The fact that I had "silent" acid reflux has been confirmed in the following ways.

First, through the endoscopy, the doctor reported that I have a hiatal hernia and gastritis. When the doctor called to let me know that she was calling in a prescription strength antacid, I was still clueless. (Later I discovered that hiatal hernias cause reflux because the stomach has pushed up through the diaphram and it causes the stomach to continue to release acid into the esophagus).

My thought was "I don't have acid reflux" but I was already feeling better because, just a few days prior to her call, I had started drinking Evamor water.

Drinking the water helped me to feel better over all. My stomach pain was gone, frequent bloating reduced greatly and two weeks later I would discover that it had cured my constipation (which was my reason for having the endoscopy/colonoscopy).

So I began a search for what was so special about this water. And after two months of searching it all began to fall into place for me and finally make sense.

I found some studies regarding Evamor water and how it helps acid-reflux patients.

(Here is one such study:  

When I began to read the information like that presented in the article above, the light switch clicked on...'Oh, I do have acid reflux and the water is soothing my esophageal lining and putting the fire out."
And further research into what exactly Dr. Koufman was explaining, confirmed that my changes in the diet had been helping me all along because all of the foods that I had removed from my diet were trigger foods for reflux. 
Trigger Foods for Acid Reflux: soda, coffee/tea, processed meats, chocolate, caffeine, fried foods, dairy/butter, alcohol, citrus fruits, mint, hot sauces/pepper

So since most "American" meals consist of acid reflux trigger foods, no wonder I felt that I couldn't eat anything without feeling sick. Also, Dr. Koufman explains that grains are troublesome for some and most acid reflux patients get better results by eating a gluten-free diet. Potatoes were causing me problems because I would put dairy or some other fat on top of them and fatty foods are major triggers for reflux, therefore I benefited when I gave up dairy. Now I seem to be able to eat plain potatoes without many issues (still being confirmed).

Unfortunately and presently I'm experiencing the truth that acid reflux damages tooth enamel and dental work. NO wonder, those mercury amalgams were causing problems for me....the acid from my stomach was eroding the mercury! YIKES! (I'm so thankful that they are no longer in my mouth.)
 If you have acid reflux and dental mercury amalgams, I would recommend getting those removed ASAP.

It's been a few months now and things seem stable as long as I drink alkaline water and mostly green juices and smoothies. I still have some reflux, though greatly diminished. I am currently considering seeking out a chiropractor that works specifically on patients with hiatal hernias....I will keep you posted.

Oh, great news...I can now eat bananas too since changing my water. Before I would get very  nauseated and they would "knock me out". Now I eat almost 4 EVERYDAY in smoothies mostly!