The Maker's Diet

I am overwhelmed with the awesomeness of God. I recognized my declining health in 2001 after the birth of my 3rd child. By 2004, I knew something was truly not right with me. Doctors would tell me it's normal to feel that way after birthing 3 children and at age 31, but I refused to believe them.

Now at the age of 45 I feel better than EVER! Some of you know bits and pieces of my story. I do
plan on sharing how God transformed me and taught me His principles of life. Yes, it took a long time and I'm sure He isn't finished with me yet, but oh am I so thankful He has me where He does right now.

Again, I am overwhelmed by Him and how He has been healing me physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I give glory to only Him. (Praise you LORD!)

This post is to specifically tell you about how you can get a jump start on what took me many years to learn. Well, from experience, I know it takes a while for things to settle and sink into our beings. I think that is just how He created us. But, no matter what, you can begin on your path to healing.

I just (2 days ago) got my hands on the book, "The Maker's Diet". The author, Jordan Rubin, has a fascinating story of health and healing.
A friend had mentioned it a couple of times to me, but I wasn't quite hearing her and failed to seek out more information until I saw more of Jordan's story (his battle and personal triumph over Crohn's disease) on the recent documentary "The Truth About Cancer" - another great resource for how to naturally heal our bodies. Note: God created our bodies with self-healing mechanisms and He provided the substances to be healthy out of the great earth He created for us.

And guess how Jordan found the answers he needed for his health? By seeking God and in God's word. He (like I believed) knew that God was the only one that could lead him to being healed.

If I were going to write a book, or a guide (and I've thought of doing so often), I would write this book. So in order to get this information to you quicker, I'm posting this information about Jordan's book. No need to wait for me to re-write what is already available.

Please, my dear friends, don't just read this post and forget about it. I pray that your desire to obtain this book would continue to linger with you. Specifically, if you are a christian -- that the Holy Spirit will continue to nudge you and even guide you after you get your hands on the book so that you can experience God's healing in your life in so many ways.

Please don't settle for what has become our "norm". Sickness and disease are becoming more normal, but I don't believe that we have to accept it. Sickness is a personal experience, and only you can make the necessary change to have better health.

Currently Amazon has paperback copies as low as $5 including shipping. If I could, I would buy this book for everyone! It is a great guide to God's wonderful plan.