Just Remember to Eat Real Food and Do Not Focus on a Specific Diet

There is so much confusion about what to eat and what should be avoided, etc. It can really be discouraging with so much information available when searching for the perfect diet. Well, remember this... there is no such thing as perfect. Yes, it's true that you might notice that certain foods cause digestive (or even other) problems, so it's true that you should avoid them until you have a better understanding of why they are causing such issues.

But, the REAL goal is to JUST EAT REAL FOOD! Hey, I know someone who uses just that tagline...JUST EAT REAL FOOD (JERF). It's Sean Croxton and you can find more info at http://undergroundwellness.com/just-eat-real-food/ and you can get your own JERF t-shirt once you become convinced about the benefits of eating REAL FOOD. His podcasts and video sessions are "the bomb" for gathering various information concerning food and health - then you make the decision for yourself as to what are best foods that you should be consuming.

I emphasize YOU because everyone is different. There is NO one diet that would benefit us all. Everyone's makeup is different and should be tailored to their body's need, their lifestyle, etc.

For example, I follow a gluten-free diet because it's best to avoid gluten with my current condition of Candida Overgrowth. But my gluten-free doesn't allow for brown rice which is an ingredient used in many commercial gluten-free foods. I have an immediate inflammatory reaction when I eat brown rice. So guess what, I have to prepare special gluten-free items for myself. Yet, it's not so bad...this "problem" insures that I eat REAL FOOD and not commercially prepared ones.

Another example would be that I would say, yes I eat Paleo, but hey I cannot eat sweet potatoes which is a major carbohydrate on many Paleo diets. Also, Paleo is often heavy on the coconut food items...well, I cannot drink coconut water/milk due to Candida Overgrowth either. Also, one thing I've recently learned is that coconut is on the "avoid" list for my blood type of A! (gasp)

Hmm,.. you can see how complicated this gets. So, there are many diets out there. And you know why? Because everyone is DIFFERENT.  The ideal/perfect diet that would benefit everyone doesn't exist!

So, this was my idea...since I do best eating lots of green vegetables...I assumed that most people can eat green vegetables without any problems. Then I realized that even this was complicated. I learned that some are on medications and cannot have certain vegetables and some might have irritated stomachs that might prevent them from eater certain others...AND what about those who live in frozen climates...where do their green vegetables grow?

It just keeps getting more and more complicated. Yet, still I have faith in REAL FOOD and I know that eating REAL FOOD that is grown in it's natural environment without toxic pesticides, without being genetically modified, but as God intended is best. "He makes grass grow for the cattle, and plants for man to cultivate - bringing forth food from the earth." (Psalm 104:14)

YET, one thing is for sure. There are many foods within the entire REAL FOOD spectrum that anyone can find enough food to eat and enjoy and be fully satisfied.

Here are some quick guidelines to get you started eating REAL FOOD.