Food Additives AGAIN!

I know I've mentioned additives and preservatives that are in packaged foods before, but since my body is so sensitive to these types of ingredients I must read every label that goes into my grocery store shopping cart. But, I'm talking about it again, because it's not only that we should be careful while at the grocery store, but even at the "so-called" healthy food stores.

For example, I was out doing shopping other than for food and had worked up a large appetite. So I decided to see what I could find from one of the fresh cooked counters inside of a "so-called" healthy food store. Well, I'm sure they do take precautions to provide the good food and good prices. Also, perhaps it is difficult to keep foods fresh long enough to be sure that they are safe to consume...I don't know what the REAL DEAL is, but there was a sign above a roasted chicken that said "ROASTED BUTTER GARLIC THYME CHICKEN". That sounded tasty, so I asked the food clerk if he knew what was in it. It was his first day, so he went to a fellow coworker and I overheard him say, "Butter, Garlic and Thyme". So, knowing better, I asked if they could dig a bit deeper and print all the true ingredients out for me and this is what it showed:

Ingredients: chicken, water, salt, sodium phosphates, dextrose, CARRAGEENAN, flavorings, sea salt, butter flavor, maltodextrin, butter flavoring, annato, turmeric, dehydrated garlic, turbinado sugar, spices, herbs, lemon juice solids, parsley flakes, citric acid.

  • Carrageenan is a big NO NO in my book. Daughter has an allergy to it and it's a preservative.
  • Butter flavor and butter flavoring - so no REAL butter?
  • Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide/starch that can present problems in people with digestive issues.
  • Flavorings - surely they are not natural or they would have been listed.
So I skipped the roasted butter garlic chicken with added ingredients. The turkey burgers contained wheat and cheese, but the sign only said "GRILLED TURKEY BURGER". I then settled for "ROASTED NATURAL WINGS" which contained chicken and up to 10% solution of water and sodium phosphates.

It's important to gain knowledge about the foods you choose to eat! Even if it means being persistent with others in order to find the truth about the foods being served to you.

Today I received a new device for my kitchen.
KitchenAid Food Grinder
I cannot wait to grind my own meats so that I can avoid the added preservatives, flavorings, fillers AND to know what is truly inside of my ground meat. Now this makes REAL FOOD sensible and more affordable. (Ground meats usually cost more than the meat cuts that are used to make it.)