Fit Bit has taught me a very important lesson

Well it's almost been two weeks since I started trying out the Fitbit "One" product. I must say that I do like it. I've even tried to make a bracelet holder for it. Yet, I need to improve on the design a bit. But for now, I'll just focus on the features that I use and need the most.

(Important Update: I will not wear the FitBit One on my wrist. I have discovered that it gives inaccurate readings of way more steps that I'm actually taking. So I will have to clip this one on my lapel or more discreetly under my clothing.)

FEATURE #1 - The Fitbit keeps me aware of how many calories I have burned throughout the day. Even though there isn't a programmable feature to gain weight...all I had to do was figure out how many calories I needed above the amount that I normally burn. I have been using Calorie Count to track my calories and guess what? can communicate with my FitBit.

Here is what Calorie Count informed me about the number of calories I have burned today as of 5:22 PM:

Fitbit Calorie Adjustment

FitbitCalorie Count calculates the number of calories you burn every day using a formula based on your height, weight, gender, and age as well as an estimate of your daily activity level.
As your Fitbit measures your activity level and syncs the data to us, we automatically make an adjustment to reflect any extra calories that you burn throughout the day.
Your account is connected to Fitbit.
This is how we calculate the Fitbit adjustment:
Fitbit calories burned1,517
Calorie Count calories burned1,275
Fitbit calorie adjustment242

 FEATURE #2 - which is my most favorite of Fitbit is that it keeps track of my sleep!

Confirmed! I'm not getting enough sleep. I really need to get to bed earlier! I think I'm one that would do best on 8 - 9 hours of sleep each night. That would really be wonderful. I hope that my Fitbit will soon be showing those results.

So, in summary. Fitbit has taught me that I need MORE SLEEP and I need to eat MORE CALORIES! Thanks Fitbit.

Next, to start tracking my water intake...

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