Trying out Fitbit

So I got this FitBit for Christmas. I'm eager to keep track of my sleep patterns. I hope this will encourage me to get more sleep and stick to a sleeping schedule. Also, I attempted to track my caloric & nutrient intake today. WOW! Do I need to eat a HUGE amount of the foods that I are currently on my diet! It was difficult just eating enough food to equal 1700 calories today and my goal is 2300 calories!

You see,  I'm still dealing with the Candida Overgrowth, so my diet is rather limited. People joke with me by saying, "I can help you gain weight" - without understanding what is going on in a person with Candida Overgrowth. You see, the more weight gaining foods that I eat, the worse the Candida overgrows. I actually I lose weight by eating the foods that should be weight gaining foods because the Candida eats those foods and throws toxic by-products into my digestive system and instead of my body consuming the nutrients from say grains...I STARVE!

I've been following the Body Ecology Diet for almost two weeks now. Hopfully this will finally get the Candida overgrowth under control. In the beginning of my journey, before my Candida overgrowth was confirmed, I tried the SCD Diet, GAPS, Paleo, etc, but they all included food items that I shouldn't have been eating. The SCD and GAPS allowed fruits and honey. The Paleo Diet allowed sweet potatoes, honey and more sweet food items. I shouldn't eat any fruit and the only sweetener allowed is Stevia (and Lakanto - which I haven't tried yet, but soon will). The Body Ecology Diet focuses on alkaline-forming foods: grains/seeds that won't feed the Candida, cultured foods and land & ocean vegetables as the MAIN part of the diet. Some alkaline-forming grains are millet, quinoa and amaranth.

OKAY, back to the FitBit. So I have used Calorie Count to track my nutrients in the past and was pleased to see that it works with FitBit....well, somewhat. Calorie Count has a way to communicate with FitBit, but I haven't seen any way for FitBit to communicated with Calorie Count.  So, today I just entered my calories into the FitBit dashboard by creating a meal and assigning a caloric value. I really wish it could read my information that I logged at Calorie Count - that would be REALLY convenient.

BUT here is the REAL disappointment. I'm going to keep getting messages that I'm over my calorie intake because FitBit is not set up to allow a WEIGHT GAIN GOAL!

I will have more to report on Body Ecology soon, but for now you can go here to find out more.

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