Avoiding ALL GRAINS!

I just discovered this post (hiding among many others) and I didn't want to leave it out. I actually wrote it in June 2012.  Sorry about the delay.

I began the SCD/GAPS diet on January 2012 which was 6 months after going on the traditional gluten-free diet which simply avoids wheat, barley and rye. Initially, I started following the GAPS Diet, but since I wasn't autistic (which is the condition for which the GAPS diet was originally intended),  I convinced myself that I could "cheat" a little. Therefore, from January to about Mid-May,  I was continuing to have those "gluten" symptoms that some attribute to cross contamination.  But THE REAL TRUTH is that in order to be gluten-free you have to AVOID ALL GRAINS (even those considered healthy such as Quinoa) and to heal your digestive system you have to AVOID ALL STARCHES (even sweet potatoes - I really like those - and popcorn! - :Awh man").  But to avoid those symptoms is a DREAM COME TRUE!

So finally by the end of May, I started following The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (same diet as the GAPS Diet, but steps are a bit different) and so far, I've stuck to following it as specified avoiding all foods on THE SCD ILLEGAL LIST.  It's now mid-June 2012 and I can eat and not feel tired afterwards or have brain fog.  The recommendation is that I should follow this diet for at least a year after my symptoms have cleared completely.  So, I still have a long road ahead, but it's so wonderful to FEEL HEALTHY AGAIN.