Sweet Potatoes - Organic vs NON-Organic

I started buying organic sweet potatoes because they simply taste better, just like organic carrots do. But occasionally I try a non-organic variety. I guess I forget the following fact every so often. Take a look at the photo below.  I hope you can see the difference. I steamed all of these sweet potatoes together.

Let me point some out to you. See the two (or three) almost in the top center of the photo? Notice how truly orange they are without the browning that's happened to the others around them? This isn't the first time I've noticed this, but it's just the first time that I've taken a photo of it. The organic ones never brown like the others. And they are SWEET! I do not add anything to them when I eat them.

So,what makes the organic sweet potatoes so different? I don't have an answer to this question. But I know that I rather eat the organic ones every time. (I hope they haven't tricked me and put a preservative on them or something. I would just be devastated. I'm hoping that they are just natural and fresher than the others.)

Thanks for your interest. Now go try some organic sweet potatoes. YUMMY!