Cottage Cheese

Even though I do not drink milk or consume dairy products, my kids do. I purchase fresh raw milk for them, but occasionally I still buy other dairy items for them to eat. Recently I needed some cottage cheese. I already knew this, but this time I took out my camera and got a shot of this right in the store.

Try to eat as natural as possible. Remember to read all ingredients. I chose the one on the left which happens to be DAISY brand. I looked at all others and this was the only one that had the least amount of ingredients. Others had many more. Additionally, my daughter is allergic to carrageenan - why is this ingredient put in so many things (just as much as soy, corn products, wheat...) Why is this so? In order to make the cheapest product and not taking into consideration the health of others. THIS IS JUST ONE EXAMPLE - the grocery store is full of such horrific food ingredients. Best bet - shop for local produce, know your meat producer and stay away from ANYTHING packaged! Note: Soy, corn, wheat are not "naturally" bad, but the way they have been modified for the food industry is definitely a BAD THING. Are you getting this?

If you aren't doing so already, it's time for you to start investigating your food. Our bodies were not designed to eat these "manufactured" foods. READ YOUR LABELS.

I know I should really start making my own cottage cheese...some day...I'm slowly getting there. Yes, change is a process, but this type of change (A CHANGE TO REAL FOODS) is one that would benefit us the most. This processed food is killing us and I'm not over-reacting. Like Joel Salatin states "We're eating food we can't even make in our kitchens. Have you ever tried making high-fructose corn syrup..."in his book "Folks, This Ain't Normal". Well, have you even considered making it? (That's another post.)

Hate to end it on this note, but it's all in our hands to take a stand and say "NO MORE FAKE FOODS"!