Ultra-Pasteurized Milk - Do not drink it!

So, I'm trying to make things like yogurt and kefir (cultured milk) drinks for my kids to get their digestive systems full of GOOD bacteria. (A stomach full of GOOD bacteria wards off stomach viruses and upset stomachs - which are pretty much non-existent in our household.)  

I figured that since the milk has to be heated anyway in order to allow for culturing the milk, then I would simply use organic milk and save our RAW milk for drinking fresh out of the fridge  Well, the regular store-bought milks just don't work. The consistency is wrong and it still affects me in a bad way. The reason is that  regular store-bought milks have been Ultra-Pasteurized.

So I started my research and discovered that MOST milk available for purchase in grocery stores are now labeled as "Ultra-Pasteurized" (I did find ONE brand that was labeled as simply "Pasteurized" at Whole Foods, but ONLY ONE!)

Ultra-Pasteurized milk has been heated to temps up to 280 degrees compared to "regular" pasteurized milk which is only heat to about 160 - 170 degrees.  So it makes so much sense.  In order to make yogurt the milk is first heated to the same temperature as "regular" pasteurized milk.  This is a quote that nailed it for me:
"Now consider this: you cannot make yogurt or kefir out of UHT milk, it is simply too dead to hold a culture. If a product will not support microscopic life, it is not likely to support human life."  (http://www.foodrenegade.com/just-say-no-to-uht-milk/)

Bottom-line:  There is no health benefit in Ultra-Pasteurized milk.  It's dead and just full of sugars (unless lactose free, but that doesn't make it any more nutritious) and Ultra-Pasteurized milk DOES YOUR BODY "BAD". Whereas,  raw milk is full of living enzymes to help your body digest and use the nutrients that are actually present in the milk.