Trying to lose weight?

Trying to lose weight? ...Well here is your solution.

Today I decided to track my caloric intake.The program I like to use is called Calorie Counter and it's FREE!  So the chart below is what I discovered and hopefully might help you too! I decided to compare what I have eaten so far for breakfast and lunch today with (only) the lunch that my husband takes with him on a daily basis.  For breakfast I had a fruit smoothie and for lunch I had a BIG salad and baked butternut squash.

Yes, there is no denying it.  If you are trying to cut calories, you will need to cut out those food condiments (particularly mayo) and those starchy sides - as proven in the case below. By the way the calories shown below for mayo and chips are well within the recommended serving size - and we know that most eat WAY more than the serving size.  Did you know that the serving size of chips is only 1 ounce?  So cut out those chips to keep your caloric AND carbohydrate count low.

But I have just the opposite issue - I am trying to gain weight.

Remember, I'm on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to heal my digestive system.  It's working.  No more brain fog or stomach issues. I had a bloated stomach and didn't even realize it until I started on the diet.  The majority of my food sensitivities are long gone! The rules of this diet don't allow for potatoes of any type (how I love sweet potatoes).  Yet, it does allow for nuts and seeds...but my skin is still too sensitive for them, if this were not the case - adding nuts and seeds would definitely be my solution.  Looks like the only solution is to eat more.  Eat more?  Yes, this diet will allow you to eat ALL DAY!

I hope you all are discovering how to adjust your diet to meet your goals.  Send me an email if you have suggestions or questions for me.