Eating my fruits and veggies

What would my life be like without fruits and veggies?  I would miss all the wonderful colors. I would miss the varying textures (you can bake, stew, broil, steam, blend, fry? [sometimes] or eat them raw).  And, let's not forget about how great they taste!

This photo was from my produce shopping trip this past Friday.  It's now Saturday and this is what I've done with them so far:
  • Dinner - Cod and cauliflower cakes with string beans and onions (family ate the red potatoes - NOT SCD)
  • Breakfast - bananas and grapes (it's grape season and they taste wonderful)
  • Salad - lettuce, carrots, lemons, red cabbage
  • Lunch - Stewed Zucchini, garlic and onions topped with lemon and parsley to go along with some sea bass - yummy!
  • Dinner - Basil pesto on "spiralized" zucchini
  • Snacking - more bananas, more grapes, tangelos, strawberries, plum, apples
  • Vegetable juice - carrots, beet greens, celery and apple

Here is what I'm planning:
  • Spinach salad with red onions a bit of cucumbers, avocados and perhaps a few strawberries 
  • Freezing the remaining strawberries to use in fruit smoothies
  • Making sauerkraut using red cabbage
  • Slowly bake or pan cooking the green cabbage with onions and Poblano peppers
  • More juicing - my favorite is carrots, kale and apple
  • Dehydrate the mangoes - they become like candy!
  • Another salad with thinly sliced beets -- or should I slow bake them to absolute sweetness?
  • And finally the mushrooms?  Hmm...normally I would eat with scrambled eggs, but I think I will saute them and put into a vegetable wrap with the red peppers.
I guess that will be it.  Yes, these were all meals that I have eaten or will eat within 2 days.  By Monday, it may all be gone - I think I should really focus on growing more in my garden.