You can do it

Today I made my second grain free loaf of bread (Cashew Bread). Although I really don't miss bread, I made this so that someone else can try it, someone else that I really want to try this way of eating a chance in order to desperately help heal her.

I was shocked when I asked her what she would miss the most. It wasn't bread, although she does eat sandwiches occasionally. To my surprise it was sodas, ketchup and BBQ sauce. (Please post your favorite BBQ sauce recipe - if you are willing to share - and I will make the necessary adjustments to keep it SCD* legal.)

Well, at this point, I have the SCD* ketchup cooling on the stove along with Cashew Bread and I still have yet to come up with a comparable BBQ sauce (remember, the only sweeteners I can use are honey and fruits - so I will try honey and dates).

To help replace soda there are many choices. My favorite is Kombucha, my husband's favorite is Water Kefir and I'm about to make a homemade Fermented Ginger drink that I hope is just as bubbly as the other two.  The fermentation process varies from 2 days to 9 days depending on the culture being used. These drinks have a natural effervescent characteristic very similar to soda.  You can add additional natural sweeteners such as strawberry juice and/or honey to help if you really like sweet drinks in order to get it to taste how you like it, but best of all you can enjoy these beverages without any additional sweeteners.

*SCD - Specific Carbohydrate Diet helps heal the gut lining of your digestive system heal by avoiding grains and high starches in foods, so that your system doesn't have to work so hard at digesting food and instead can focus on healing.  The GAPS diet is based on the SCD diet.