Our First Home-Grown Butternut Squash

Actually, I should have titled this "Our First Home-Grown ANYTHING".  We are not gardeners (yet)!

We started an organic compost pile in February because I was juicing 2 - 3 lbs of vegetables everyday and wanted to do something beneficial with the left over fibers instead of putting into the trash can. 

So just as Spring arrived we noticed a plant beginning to sprout out of the compost.  My daughter took one and planted into a pot, but then more began to grow - so we decided to just let them flourish as they were in order to see what we would get.

In the beginning we thought it was Cushaw Squash, but to our amazement, just a few weeks ago, the coloring became more recognizable as Butternut Squash. It's now the end of May, and, today I ate one of my first home-grown squash.  WOW! (We are going to save the seeds to plant again.)

This was so unexpected.  We've never grown anything other than a few herbs and the birds would take away our tomatoes as soon as they turned red.  But this year, we have a new plan.

We are planning on planting watermelon, cucumbers and more butternut in the now "Melon Patch".  We also have planted peppers, arugula, more tomatoes, eggplants, basil and parsley.

I never would have thought this possible and IN FACT, I don't think it would have been possible without creating our own compost pile.  With good soil - you can grow anything! (This reminds me of what Jesus said about "seed [that] fell on good soil" - read Mark 4.)