Healthy Foods Can Cause Digestive Troubles...and More?

Ever since I first began this health journey, I was convinced that foods would be by solution. I had been battling digestive issues for a long time and fourteen years ago, I began making changes to our diet. By 2011, I still was having some issues so I dedicated my energy to eating as much fresh and organic food that I could possibly get my hands on. I shopped at local farmer's markets, I purchased (at minimum) organic poultry, grass-fed beef and wild-caught fish.

YET, I had bladder issues...

In 2013 I noticed that I was having bladder trouble. Actually, everyone in my family really took notice while we were on a vacation. We were trying to take a mini road trip adventure. But I had to interrupt our activities much too frequently for restroom breaks. From that trip on, I was hesitant about taking road trips. Stopping every hour is quite annoying! I would try not to drink water but that didn't seem to help much. 

In 2015 I decided that I should have my bladder checked. The diagnosis was that I had bladder cystitis which is a diagnosis that doctors give when they cannot find anything else. Yet, the doctor did suggest that it must be something in my diet that was irritating my bladder. So I put further appointments with the urogynecologist on hold and decided to have a colonoscopy and an endoscopy.

...and chronic constipation

My main complaint was that I was experiencing chronic constipation. There just had to be something blocking my colon. At that point, it had been 3 years since I had stopped eating all grains, but I was still having reactions to, what I could only guess, were many foods.  (Yes, I did have a food allergy blood test, but it didn't reveal much.) I just could not figure out a pattern. The only thing I knew was that I felt more energy when I would eat/drink fresh "live" foods, so I consumed as much of these foods as possible. The GI doctor told me to eat more fiber. She had no idea (and didn't bother asking) of exactly how much fiber I was eating. I don't think the doctors believe us anyway. They don't think we know our own bodies.  I was practically on a raw food diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds with just a few cooked vegetables.

Allow me to back up just a bit and tell you about another issue!

A few months earlier in the same year (2015). I was still having trouble with my submandibular gland which have been ongoing intermittently since 2012, but by then the condition had become high FODMAP foods were causing the gland to work overtime. The diet allowed me to eat some foods with a reduction in pain. (More about the Low FODMAP Diet later.)
extremely painful. While researching anti-inflammatory herbal remedies, I came across an article that said that these glands are part of the endocrine systems which releases immune-regulating peptides to help control inflammation.  (Hmm.) I cannot remember all the full details but I do remember being on the phone with a friend praying and she said that I should do a Low FODMAP Diet. Immediately, I followed the Low FODMAP Diet and discovered that I did indeed receive some relief from the pain and swelling in my submandibular glands. Apparently,

My energy levels were on the way to being renewed.

After surgery to remove the stones that had formed in my submandibular gland, at exactly a week later, I experienced renewed energy. Energy I had been missing for many years! And actually from that point on I have had energy. Once pain is removed we feel so much better and I'm convinced that the fresh, live foods must have really been contributing too.

So the submandibular pain was gone. I had more energy. But, the colonoscopy didn't show anything. I had also undergone ultrasounds of major organs and an MRI - but none of them revealed anything. And the bladder tests didn't show anything, yet I continued to have bladder urgency...but just three days after my colonoscopy, this symptom seemed to disappear and during that time my chronic constipation seemed to be diminishing. At that point I had forgotten about the Low FODMAP Diet. Instead, I was following yet another diet. This time is was the RAW FOOD DIET. I was eating a total raw food diet and along with that I changed my drinking water. (See the link at the end of this article to find out about the drinking water change I made.) After all, I had always experienced good benefits by eating raw foods, so totally eating 100% raw should benefit me (was my thought at that time). My experience with solid, dense foods was that they made me feel tired and quickly zapped away all of my energy. I wanted to sustain my new found energy levels.

Yet, the bladder issue slowly returned and it seemed to worsen with the more fruit that I would consume. I was still experiencing great energy and stamina, but I had to spend a lot of time and energy thinking about the timing of my restroom breaks while away from home. This was just becoming too much. The only way that I could continue on this RAW FOOD diet was to consume large amounts of fruit to obtain the required calories that I needed daily. So, I decided to make minor adjustments. By this time I was consuming fruit like never before in huge quantities at many meals. So I backed off a bit from the 100% RAW FOOD DIET. I added cooked beans, cooked vegetables and quinoa to achieve my necessary caloric intake instead of increasing fruit.

Suddenly, another one of my on-going issues that had only been mild before became a MAJOR PAIN. I had stomach bloating/gas with pain that was still in the same spot as before but it seemed to be constant. I couldn't pick out any particular foods that might be causing such symptoms. It seemed that everything I ate would cause stomach upset. If I had pushed the issue with my GI doctor (or just returned for a follow-up visit), she probably would have just labeled me with IBS.

As a result of all my dietary changes I had undoubtedly experienced health benefits and improvements, but I felt like I could barely eat anything without some sort of reaction to my food. This time around I was no longer experiencing brain fog (more info in my health journey), but now I had major stomach distress! So it had all just moved from my brain to my stomach. Many scientific research shows that the stomach and the brain are very closely affected by each other, and I believe it! Yet, still I was holding on to my idea that food mattered. That no matter what my condition, I should continue to eat beneficial foods to prevent any condition from getting worse any quicker than it already might be progressing.

You see, my issues began when I was only 31 years old...or that's when I recognized that I had health issues. Now I know that they started way before then. (More info in my health journey.) So, I had to catch up on my nutritional needs after missing out on them for so long. 

I was just about to try the GAPS diet again because I recalled that everything seemed to feel better on that diet, especially in the beginning when I would only eat soft boiled meat, bone broth and softly stewed vegetables. But, it seemed I had lost all tolerance for meat. My experience was that after eating meat I would feel extremely fatigued and eggs (even organic eggs from pastured chickens) were causing headaches.

I had already removed gluten/wheat, sugar and dairy. What could possibly be causing these problems? But after only two days into the GAP Diet and with a desire not to consume so much meat, I recalled the Low FODMAP Diet. Hmm. So I investigated further.

FODMAPS stand for Fermentable Oligo-saccharides, Di-saccharides, Mono-saccharides And Polyols. These are specific sugars (short-chain carbohydrates) that are either poorly absorbed or not absorbed by the intestines; and as a result, are fermented by bacteria in the large intestines. But people with digestive issues, such as IBS, have an even more difficult time digesting these foods.

FermentableThe process through which gut bacteria degrade undigested carbohydrate to produce gases (hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide)
Oligo-saccharidesFructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) found in wheat, rye, onions and garlic
Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) found in legumes (beans)
Di-saccharidesLactose found in; milk, soft cheese, yogurt
Mono-saccharideFructose (in excess of glucose). Examples: honey, apples, high fructose corn syrups
PolyolsSugar polyols (eg. sorbitol, mannitol) found in some fruit and vegetables and used as artificial sweeteners (Xylitol). Specific food examples are avocados, watermelon, cherries.

So I began evaluating my diet in comparison with the Low FODMAP Diet. The goal of the Low FODMAP Diet is to avoid high FODMAP foods.

Breakfast: Everyday I would have my "Go To Smoothie" which included large amounts of high FODMAP foods (cashew/almond butter, avocado, celery and sometimes honey). 

Lunch: Lunch would consist of a huge bed of salad leaves topped mostly with vegetables which were also high FODMAPs (more avocado, a clove of garlic, beets, mango, fresh corn & peas and usually beans for protein)

Dinner: I would eat cooked high FODMAP vegetables such as cauliflower, butternut squash soups made with broth containing onions, garlic and celery.

Fruits: My favorites were watermelon, mangos, apples, grapefruit, peaches, pears, and dried fruits - all high FODMAPS!
Then it hit me. Something I had never thought about. That my healthy eating could be causing stomach distress. Could I possibly be eating too many healthy foods?
Well, the most precise answer is that too many high FODMAP healthy foods can be problematic for some of us!
I had been eating way too many high FODMAP foods for my digestive system. My stomach just could not handle the load. These high FODMAP foods were making up 1/3 to 1/2 of my diet! Whew! Discovering this and applying the low FODMAP guidelines are a wonderful blessing for me. I finally have more answers and more remedies to add to my health journey so that I can continue to manage these symptoms through my diet. And I just had to share with you! The greatest thing about the Low FODMAP Diet is that it can be applied to any diet lifestyle which you choose! Read more on the Low FODMAP Diet Page.

But, just one more thing: Carrageenan is a poly-saccharide that is also indigestible and it can also cause many health issues in some individuals. To find out more about carrageenan, you can read this post concerning carrageenan in ice cream.

And as promised, here is the article I wrote when I changed my water

Being Real - A Real Equation for Life

We are physical, emotional and spiritual beings (body, mind/soul and spirit). So when we eat the right foods and exercise (as simply as walking or any outdoor activity) we are doing things to take care of our physical bodies. You see, good food/things in and bad foods/things out results in something positive for the body. Yet, we can define more variables for this equation and this is where it can, and usually does, begin to get complicated.

Let's consider our emotions. What are we thinking on? Like I mentioned before (previous post), for example, I could choose to wallow in self-pity and feel as if I'm a victim...or I can choose to make something good out of it. While wallowing in self-pity I lose all enthusiasm for eating properly. If I take a step and eat something that I will label as "bad" for my body...I can either choose to say "oh, well. I might as well eat whatever I want and just suffer...this is never going to get better...I'm going to be in this state forever..." So I can choose to make that my reality.  Eerrkkk! But I have to learn to put the brakes on "my mind" and do it quickly. Those thoughts can be labeled as "bad stuff" and cause me to feel beat up and defeated.  But, instead, I can turn the situation into something positive and say, "Wow! This is true evidence that there is a direct link between how we feel and what we eat. I'm going to share this with someone...I'm going to eat better in order to prove that I can feel better."

When I'm eating properly for my body...I simply feel better. Both  emotionally and physically I feel better. They are very closely intertwined. Doing something good for my body can help boost my emotions in a positive way and likewise doing something positive for my emotions (such as choosing to think good thoughts) can help my body in a positive way also. So the equation gets more variables.

And please take note of the fact that because we and our bodies differ in many ways, the same food or exercise that are good/bad for me will likely be different for you. Of course, in many instances, there are more variables to consider in addition to food, exercise and thoughts. But a discussion of these things would lead us into a discussion for days (well, many more article posts anyway.)

So, the following are just a few additional "bad" vs. "good" items that I could come up with for you to consider:

Putting in something “good” and taking away something “bad” will always produce positive results! It might only be that you are making tiny steps in the beginning, but eventually the good will overtake the "bad" and you will feel better overall.

The main idea is that good food, the right exercise and positive thinking can help you cope with the additional stresses of life and give you the encouragement and energy boost you need to make further changes.

Get started. Let's experience better health together!

Being Real - Dealing with My Food Reality

It's first thing in the morning (kind of). I often feel inspired at this time of the day with new thoughts about why it's so important to eat "real" food and take a "real" natural approach to just living life. So I will be blogging about this and see how it goes.

We live just on the outskirts of Houston, TX and life feels so rushed most times. I think it's mostly due to the fact that all of our family and friends live 30 minutes to an hour it takes planning to meet up together and planning means "work" especially for someone like me with digestive and health issues...someone like me who needs to eat the way I do.

So I often wonder that if my need wasn't so urgent, would I stray from my diet? and by how much? and how often? For instance, occasionally I try to eat a potato/tortilla chip and I pay for it almost immediately. Usually with a stomach pain, neck stiffness, joint pain, mucous overload in my throat, wheezing, just depends on the food item.

These immediate effects are what keep me in line and these immediate effects are a constant reminder to me about the importance of what we choose to put into our bodies. Many times I find myself thinking about how I wish I could be "normal". I want to go out to a restaurant and be able to order anything from the menu. Sometimes I feel so frustrated and angry that there aren't many restaurants where I can simply be a "normal" customer. But the fact is that even when I order a salad, I have to ask them to leave something off...not because I'm "picky", but because I just cannot eat the salad as it would normally be served.

So, why is this my reality? What am I supposed to do with this? I could wallow in self-pity everyday (because eating is a necessity that cannot be avoided, I face this daily and at least three times per day) but I have to choose not to do so. I have to make the choice as much as I possibly can, to turn my reality into something good. Something good not just for myself, but for those who are willing, ready and needing to look at the foods they are putting on their plates.

I know of so many who are experiencing health issues. Some can directly relate to me because they are having noticeable digestive issues. Yet, some are just not feeling "right" or have other health problems. Well, I don't just wanna say "I know your problems are related to what you are eating because if given the right foods, vitamins, supplements and removing the harmful things - your body can begin to heal itself!" Even though that's what I feel in my heart and deep down within my soul, I know it's more complicated than that. Good food does and can do a lot of good for your physical body. But, there is more that has to be dealt with for the most of us (I'm definitely including myself here).

Well, even though I'm continuing to write, I will share more with you next time. I don't want to lose your interests by overwhelming you with too much information. Next time, I will be sharing my insight on how I'm dealing with my reality. I sort of take a scientific approach, because this is what makes the most sense for my type of "mathematical" mind. But I think you too will find it interesting. My simple equation is

Next time, I will begin to identify more specific details for each of the 'good' and 'bad' categories.

Journey with me and discover the real story behind real foods

Dear Friends and Family,

I have decided that it’s time to take the next step toward my passion. For the last 14 years I have been seeking and learning about how to better my health. But most importantly, over the last 6 years I have fervently applied much of what I have learned and have seen major (and minor) health improvements.  Here is a list of some health improvements I have experienced:
  • My eyesight has improved a great deal and my ophthalmologist (of 8+ years) recognizes the improvements…it’s documented in her files.
  • My brain fog that was so overwhelming that caused me to limit my children’s activities has been resolved
  • Fatigue and body aches (such as knee joint pain and neck pain) have been replaced with energy
  • I was a true hay fever sufferer and then I noticed I was experiencing Spring time allergies too. Seasonal allergies are NO MORE (gone for at least 4 years).  In fact, I haven’t even experienced any type of cold or flu symptoms and I used to run low grade fevers consistently!
  • Consistent stomach bloating which was very painful and uncomfortable has been greatly diminished. In October gastroenterologist diagnosed me with gastritis. (This is what I have been currently working on for the last 6 months and I believe that I just about have this one tackled too.)
I have come to know, through experience and without doubt, that all of these symptoms I was experiencing were a result of the condition of my digestive system. The food I choose to eat has a direct effect on my digestive system – therefore NUTRITION plays a huge role in our health. Graciously, along this journey, God has taught me other things too. Other things such as the importance of my relationship with Him and how I can put faith into practice by making changes in my lifestyle that honor Him and the body which He has given me.

So, here is my next step. I have decided to become certified in the field of Natural Health and Wellness and I am beginning by enrolling in the core course titled "Certified Health Specialist" program at the Trinity School of Natural Health. I have been considering this school for at least 4 years and now it’s just time to take the first step.

Not only will this be my first step in gaining certifications, but this will also be my first step in sharing and in ministering with others about how to incorporate real, healthy foods into their diets.

I would like to share all that I have learned with you, your family and friends about whole foods. I would like to do this by providing hands-on classes on topics such as making cultured vegetables (real food probiotics), making bone broths (excellent for healing digestive issues), creating smoothies, juicing, wraps, salads and dressings, homemade crackers, breads and desserts (all of which can be created as gluten free and even grain free if necessary) and making healthier food choices. I can also teach you what I’ve learned about homemade, non-toxic cleaning products.

These classes can be for just one person or a group or I can even come cook a full meal for you at your home.

I will be offering these classes as practice for me and a way to minister to you.  Also, I would love your feedback if we have a class together.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you and I pray you will gain knowledge that will help you make a step towards improving your diet and improving your health. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time of fellowship and learning more, just contact me.

The Fully Raw Diet

It was during my 60 day FULLY RAW Diet, that I discovered my breakthrough concerning Real Water! Kristina says that "incorporating one fully raw meal" can make a huge difference. I can testify to this. The more raw foods I eat (or drink)...the better I feel.

I just received my copy of " The Fully Raw Diet" book today. I have been following Kristina for about 5 years now...or so it seems that I found her when I really had to get serious about my health. 

I have seen most of the information in the book via social media, but there is nothing like having a nicely compiled book in my hand. The book is beautiful and most of the recipes have photos to accompany them. There is so much information packed inside. My favorite is the rainbow salad page. Ooh..flipping through more I see there is a smoothie recipe page...NICE! I cannot wait to read every page. (I just received it today.) The price is superb for such a nicely published book. I will be skipping ahead to 'Part Three' in the book. Now that I am doing well and I have my diet running's time to get moving (exercising that is). 

My various dietary changes explained!

I find myself frustrated lately, so keep me in your prayers. I have made amazing progress, so I have to document some things for myself and perhaps for others to understand. Most importantly I have to remind myself that I have come a long way; even though all doesn't seem to progress as quickly as I would like it to.

I began on this journey over 13 years ago. I believe that it has been a journey planned by God and specifically for me. If I would have figured out my solutions any sooner, I would not have gained the knowledge and experience I have to truly make the change that I required or the willpower to continue with my dietary changes. Yet, I have to admit, that there are days that I want to give up and days that I wonder why this journey has been so difficult and LONG.  And, there are still health struggles and conditions that I think might not ever go away, but at least I have to remind myself that, at least for now, I feel better while dealing with these struggles.

Yes I still have a desire to eat pizza, chips, chocolate and fill up on grains. To be able to have a normal social "food" life. But the thing that keeps me going is knowing how long it took me to get to this point. Feeling better is so much more valuable than satisfying the desire to eat certain foods.

So here it is in a nutshell, as best as I can document each step:

Step 1. I gave up sugar, cereal, lunch meat, hydrogenated oils, fast-foods [started making dietary change efforts in 2002]

Step 2. Chelation Therapy (doctor diagnosed that I had really high levels of lead) [Summer 2004]
Benefit: Brain fog diminished

Then I got REAL serious....chelation gave me a break from brain fog, but it didn't last

Step 3. I gave up MOST other gluten-free grains and even potatoes too. [January 2011] Also changed to a REAL FOOD Diet. I am the oddball that loses weight when I eat grains. (I still haven't figured this one out or confirmed a reason.)
Benefit: Brain fog diminished and more energy overall

Step 4. I gave up dairy.  (I was a cheese-aholic.) [March 2012]
Benefit: Seasonal allergies that disrupted my life disappeared.

Step 5. Mercury amalgams/silver fillings removed from my teeth (they had been there for 32 years) [January 2013 - March 2015]
Benefit: White blood cells and many vitamin deficiencies back to normal. Anemia solved. No more mouth tingling. No more brain fog episodes.

Step 6Sub-mandibular gland surgery [June 2015]
Benefit: No more swelling in neck when I eat carbohydrates or sour foods (this prevented me from eating fruits and just about anything that would make my mouth water for various periods during a two-year span!). Increased energy!

Step 7. Drink REAL WATER! Naturally alkaline of 8.8 from the source. [October 2015]
Benefit: Calms my "silent" acid reflux, stomach gastritis (confirmed during endoscopy in October 2015), and relieved constipation.

So, I cannot say how long I have had "silent" acid reflux, but it has been the main cause of the symptom that was troubling me a great deal. I don't know when I first noticed it, but I had the sensation of something crawling up my throat when I would eat certain foods that began prior to 2010.

I had no idea that it was acid reflux because I didn't have the burning sensation. Yet, I had so much mucus in my throat that I could feel it (the mucus) instead. This is (I guess) a good thing, because it's my body's way of trying to protect itself from the damaging effects of acid reflux. Acid reflux can actually begin to eat away at the esophageal lining (and at some point cause esophageal cancer). So I am thankful that I have discovered it.

You see, this "silent" reflux symptom and brain fog were the most troublesome ailments for me. Yet, as I began to eliminate the foods, these symptoms would lessen with each elimination. The fact that I had "silent" acid reflux has been confirmed in the following ways.

First, through the endoscopy, the doctor reported that I have a hiatal hernia and gastritis. When the doctor called to let me know that she was calling in a prescription strength antacid, I was still clueless. (Later I discovered that hiatal hernias cause reflux because the stomach has pushed up through the diaphram and it causes the stomach to continue to release acid into the esophagus).

My thought was "I don't have acid reflux" but I was already feeling better because, just a few days prior to her call, I had started drinking Evamor water.

Drinking the water helped me to feel better over all. My stomach pain was gone, frequent bloating reduced greatly and two weeks later I would discover that it had cured my constipation (which was my reason for having the endoscopy/colonoscopy).

So I began a search for what was so special about this water. And after two months of searching it all began to fall into place for me and finally make sense.

I found some studies regarding Evamor water and how it helps acid-reflux patients.

(Here is one such study:  

When I began to read the information like that presented in the article above, the light switch clicked on...'Oh, I do have acid reflux and the water is soothing my esophageal lining and putting the fire out."
And further research into what exactly Dr. Koufman was explaining, confirmed that my changes in the diet had been helping me all along because all of the foods that I had removed from my diet were trigger foods for reflux. 
Trigger Foods for Acid Reflux: soda, coffee/tea, processed meats, chocolate, caffeine, fried foods, dairy/butter, alcohol, citrus fruits, mint, hot sauces/pepper

So since most "American" meals consist of acid reflux trigger foods, no wonder I felt that I couldn't eat anything without feeling sick. Also, Dr. Koufman explains that grains are troublesome for some and most acid reflux patients get better results by eating a gluten-free diet. Potatoes were causing me problems because I would put dairy or some other fat on top of them and fatty foods are major triggers for reflux, therefore I benefited when I gave up dairy. Now I seem to be able to eat plain potatoes without many issues (still being confirmed).

Unfortunately and presently I'm experiencing the truth that acid reflux damages tooth enamel and dental work. NO wonder, those mercury amalgams were causing problems for me....the acid from my stomach was eroding the mercury! YIKES! (I'm so thankful that they are no longer in my mouth.)
 If you have acid reflux and dental mercury amalgams, I would recommend getting those removed ASAP.

It's been a few months now and things seem stable as long as I drink alkaline water and mostly green juices and smoothies. I still have some reflux, though greatly diminished. I am currently considering seeking out a chiropractor that works specifically on patients with hiatal hernias....I will keep you posted.

Oh, great news...I can now eat bananas too since changing my water. Before I would get very  nauseated and they would "knock me out". Now I eat almost 4 EVERYDAY in smoothies mostly!

2015 Updates

One definite fact was that my body was still malnourished in 2015.  It seems that I had experienced a break in 2012, when I was finally gaining weight. Yet, I'm not exactly sure what the cause is of losing weight again. In 2013 I would eat sweet potatoes or rice or popcorn or tortilla chips every now and then. But, all of these things are supposed to cause weight gain and not weight loss.

From my own perspective, I figured that my stomach was so inflamed and irritated from eating gluten, that it could not function well and digest my food. Or (2) I actually had Celiac Disease.
When people with Celiac disease eat foods or use products containing gluten, their immune system responds by damaging or destroying villi—the tiny, finger-like protrusions lining the small intestine. Villi normally allow nutrients from food to be absorbed through the walls of the small intestine into the bloodstream. Without healthy villi, a person becomes malnourished, no matter how much "good" food one eats. 
Yet, all the doctors stated that I didn't have Celiac Disease.

- My Submandibular Gland Issues - 

It was April 2015 and my ears had been hurting for a while and my submandibular gland on the left side REALLY started giving me trouble. (The submandibular glands are salivary glands located beneath the floor of the mouth.)  So, I had doctor take a look at them again (first time was in 2012 and then again in 2013.  The first doctor 2012 said that my ears were fine and that the salivary glands just swell up some times and he added that I was probably just suffering from allergies.  But this time my submandibular gland was so swollen that I could not eat for many days! I was surviving by drinking bland juices and bland smoothies. I didn’t need this…I was already weighing less than I should.  These glands had been blocked before (on and off for about 3 - 5 years) but they were never blocked for this length of time.  Finally I had a CAT scan and it was confirmed that my submandibular gland was blocked by salivary stones that required surgical removal!

On June 12, 2015 I had the surgery performed during which the doctor made one small incision under my tongue and in another spot directly on top of the largest stone. My recovery time was 1 full week...and then my energy levels shot through the ROOF! The pain and discomfort from were causing inflammation and I guess you might say - suppression of my immune system to the point that I was just coping. But after I finally detoxed from the surgical medications and my mouth healed...I was supercharged.

- I found REAL Water - 

So at this point, I had been experiencing different levels of healing. In 2011/2012 my brain fog was just about long as I stuck to a "grain-free" diet. Then in 2014/2015 I had all of my dental amalgams removed. Then by the middle of this year in 2015, after surgery, my submandibular gland was back in working order.

Now, I could pay attention to other issues that were ailing me, yet ones I had pushed aside. These are the ones that many don't talk about, but I believe that I need to tell the "whole story" here so that others can find the help they need and know exactly what I have been going through and most importantly here is when and most noticeable miracle happened. 

You see, I had been suffering for at least 3 years with bladder urgency. I had to run to the restroom (and I do mean run) almost every hour and on the hour. This condition interrupted my Yoga classes, so I stopped Yoga in 2013. Also, I usually had to get up and "go" once in the night in the middle of my sleep. This condition was so extreme that my children were steadily asking "you gotta go again?"

In the summer of 2015, I began testing with a urogynecologist. After all tests were completed, she explained to me that everything looked normal inside of my bladder and the only diagnosis she could give me for the urgency issue was that I must have Bladder Interstitial Cystitis. Which is really just inflammation of the bladder.

I also had been complaining to another doctor about being chronically constipated. (Here is a definition that explains the type of constipation I was experiencing.) Yet, I made sure to take actions to clean my colon regularly because I knew that if I did not, I would be allowing conditions for major colon issues - and my greatest fear was colon cancer. The actions I took were: drinking teas (which sometimes worked), professional colon hydrotherapy and enemas.

Finally on October 1, 2015 I decided that there must be a blockage/kink somewhere in my digestive system, so I scheduled an endoscopy and colonoscopy. Through the endoscopy the GI doctor confirmed that I did not have Celiac Disease. WHEW! Instead, the main findings that concerned me the most were a hiatal hernia and stomach gastritis. (You can read more info about hiatal hernia about mid-way on this page.) So the doctor suggested that I eat more fiber and she prescribed something similar to Zantac. NOTE: I didn't pay her much attention because I eat A LOT OF FIBER and I mean A LOT - have your looked at my recipes here? AND I had already found relief from ALL of these symptoms. And acid reflux? What? I had no idea that one of the symptoms I was suffering from was actually reflux because I didn't have the major pain of heartburn and indigestion.

I had found REAL water! By drinking REAL water I was no longer dehydrated because I was no longer drinking acidic water. 

Dehydration had played a huge factor in the formation of stones in my submandibular gland. ALSO, you guessed it...I was no longer constipated. And my stomach pains and bloating disappeared - thus, the reflux condition was being soothed. And, one more thing, although I still suffer from slight bladder urgency here and there...these moments are no way near what they were like before. On a normal day, I can hold "it" for 2 - 3 hours at a time (compared to only about one hour before).

I can only find a few natural occurring pH waters. Many others high pH waters are purified through processes like reverse osmosis and then minerals are added back (not natural/not real).

The water that solved these issues for me is Evamor water which has a natural pH of 8.8 - 9.1. By natural I mean that the water is alkaline because of the natural occurring minerals that are in the water.

Previously, I was drinking REVERSE OSMOSIS water either from our home's reverse osmosis water system or sometimes store-bought purified water (reverse osmosis). Also I discovered during my research that many spring waters barely have a pH or 7 (neutral)...and most are still acidic.